Be the next big thing.
Strategic marketing consultancy focused on innovation management
Be the next big thing.
Strategic marketing consultancy focused on innovation management
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Developing product
Attracting investors
Reaching customers
Beating competition
Making an exit
"Our clients think that our products and services are the same as competition. What we need is a way to differentiate ourselves from the crowd and avoid the price wars."
Quite possibly your clients view your products as pure sets of features, which are rarely truly unique. This opinion can be changed by using an elaborate framework called BPM. The greatest products go beyond functions and evoke strong emotional connection with customers. Despite having four wheels Volvo and BMW attract very different customers, Raffaello and Snickers don't really compete on a shelf. So why should you be a commodity?
Decommoditize me!
You have a product that clients absolutely adore and prefer to competition. What you need is to find an effective way to attract even more customers like these. A performance marketing agency will be able to help. Sadly, we are not one… Although we know exactly what to do, a boutique nature of our business would not allow us to do this job in a cost-effective way. However, we can recommend someone who is the right fit for you. It's no trouble.
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"We have established a significant market presence and are preparing for a huge M&A deal. What we need is to maximise the evaluation of our company."
We can help you create a compelling long term strategy highlighting the unique features and competences that you have along with a strong strategic vision that will enable you to beat the competition in a long run. We know what acquirers and investors are looking for and we will make sure you look as good as possible when it is most vital.
Prepare for an exit
Life Glass
"To us our product idea seems brilliant. What we need is a cheap and quick way to test it while allowing enough resources for pivots if they happen."
This is a single most important moment of your business. You need a proper startup marketer who will join you in the fields interviewing potential customers and in the "lab" working on your MVP. We love discovery and have a few neat tricks up our sleeves to give you the best chance to grow a unicorn.
Get the product right
"Great ideas need sufficient resources to flourish. And we are stretching ourselves thin. What we need is some venture capital or corporation to back us up. "
Coming from corporate and VC background we know what investors are looking for in a project. We can help you craft an outstanding investor deck and pitch to communicate your ideas in the most concise and inspiring way. Don't count on stars to get noticed!
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Pricing made simple
If you don't care for complicated offers you would enjoy ours
$95 per hour
Forget those maddening mid project renegotiations. Thanks to our signature flat rate, no matter what kind of work will be necessary we've got you covered.
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$3000 per session
Does your conference or strategic session needs an expert speaker, willing to share his cases and marketing insights? Our founder is happy to help.
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